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Logistics bulk sorting equipment

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Sorting Pain Points of Oversized Express

The weight of large pieces is not large, and the rules and regulations are automatic, automatic, automatic, and automatic. Automatic equipment and equipment sorting equipment and equipment sorting mode automation, the same mode of equipment and equipment, the same equipment and equipment automation equipment and systems, in order to improve transportation efficiency At the same time, it can also reduce the loss rate of a small amount of goods, and gradually move towards unmanned and intelligent transition

Intelligent sorting solution for large express delivery

1)The sorting system for large items, mainly for large items and soft packages over 30kg, requires a more flexible sorting system. Luhui's high-speed diverter series is a high-speed sorting solution for all types of goods such as large, heavy, soft packages, and special-shaped items.

2)The information processing of the front-end package adopts the dynamic automatic weighing, scanning, code and measuring all-in-one machine (DWS for short), which can be flexibly configured to achieve single-sided top scanning, three-sided scanning, five-sided scanning and six-sided scanning, etc., to accurately identify the barcode and weight of the goods , volume and other information, which greatly reduces the error of manpower and manual data collection.

3)The rear end adopts a high-speed diverter, and the high-speed diverter series adopts a modular design. The gap between the multi-cylindrical rollers is small, it is not easy to jam the goods, and the wear is small. It can sort all kinds of goods such as cartons and packages, especially for special-shaped parts, soft bags, and large pieces. Heavy goods have a strong sorting ability. Among them, the all-category diverter can sort packages with a size of 200*200*20-800*800*800mm, and a maximum sortable weight of 50kg. It can basically sort all types of packages currently on the market.

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