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  • Linear Narrow Belt sorting machine
    The linear logistics sorting system is the most direct sorting device, it is simple to install and the transportation efficiency can be controlled. Generally used for the initial sorting of packages in the factory, it has a strong adaptability to irregular packages.
  • Turntable Sorting Machine
    Automatic sorting turntable machine is suitable for small factories or workshops with limited space and high demand for compartment quantity, as well as small packages. It can be used for multi-area sorting.
  • Straight Line Circular Narrow Belt Cross Belt
    Straight Line Circular Narrow Belt Cross Belt refers to a type of conveyor system used for sorting and moving products from one location to another. The configuration can either be in a straight line or in a loop, and it utilizes small bi-directional conveyor belts to move the products.
  • Loop Cross Belt Sorter
    This system is suitable for users who have a high demand for sorting speed and can pick up goods at high speed for a long time. According to customers’ needs, we can build high-speed sorting lines to sort goods in different packages for both light parcels and heavy parcels.
  • Linear Narrow Cross Belt Sorter
    Cross Belt Sorter is widely used in industries such as grocery, general merchandise, express delivery, apparel, and e-commerce.
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