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  • Swing Wheel Sorter
    Swing wheel sort has 2 -3 kinds of sorting paths in single-group inclined wheel sorter, which are mostly used for unloading the links of coarse sorting, coarse sorting, re-sorting, scanning loading, etc.. By changing the direction of the roller on the contact surface, the friction force between the roller and the articles can drive the sorting articles to rotate, thus achieving the goal of sorting.
  • Narrow Belt Sorter
    Efficient and intelligent small size sorting equipment, used for small package sorting, easy to assemble and install. According to the space area, it is easy to shift and add more accessories.
  • High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Module
    High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Modules offer a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for automated sorting applications, enabling businesses to improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and enhance customer service.
  • Medium-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Module
    The adjective "medium-speed" might indicate that the sorting speed of this particular module is not quite as high as that of a high-speed sorter, but still faster than a low-speed sorter. The exact speed would depend on the specific configuration and design of the system.
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