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Medium-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Module

The adjective "medium-speed" might indicate that the sorting speed of this particular module is not quite as high as that of a high-speed sorter, but still faster than a low-speed sorter. The exact speed would depend on the specific configuration and design of the system.
Product Description

Product Description

The High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Module is a type of automated sorting system used in logistics and manufacturing operations to sort and move products or items at high speed. The system consists of a series of narrow conveyor belts, sensors, and discharge chutes that work together to quickly and accurately sort and route items according to predetermined criteria.he basic operation of a High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Module starts with the loading of items onto the conveyor belt. As the items move along the conveyor, they are scanned by sensors that identify their unique characteristics, such as size, weight, shape, or barcodes. The sensors then communicate with a central control system that determines the items' final destination based on programmed routing rules. Once the sorting criteria have been determined, the items are diverted off the conveyor belt and directed to discharge chutes that lead to the appropriate destination.

1)  The narrow conveyor belts allow for a high degree of precision, enabling the system to sort items at high speeds while maintaining accuracy rates of up to 99.9%.

2)  High-Speed Narrow Belt Sorting Modules can be easily integrated into existing production lines, reducing the need for manual labor and improving overall efficiency.

3)  These modules can be designed to sort a wide range of items, from small packages to large and bulky items, making them suitable for use in various industries.

4)  It can be programmed to sort items based on different criteria, including weight, size, type, and destination, making them highly flexible and adaptable to changing production needs.

Product Parameters

Steering Speed 200-750rpm
Rated Torque 1.5N.m
Maximum Operating Torque 2.5N.m
Input Voltage DC48
Rated output power 50W
Maximum output power 100W

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