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Straight Line Circular Narrow Belt Cross Belt

Straight Line Circular Narrow Belt Cross Belt refers to a type of conveyor system used for sorting and moving products from one location to another. The configuration can either be in a straight line or in a loop, and it utilizes small bi-directional conveyor belts to move the products.
Product Description

Product description

The Straight Line Circular Narrow Belt Cross Belt, also known as the cross-belt sorter, works by using a series of small, bi-directional conveyor belts to transport items from a loading station to designated discharge chutes. The conveyor belts are arranged in a circular pattern, allowing for items to be transported in any direction along the entire length of the system. The belts are equipped with sensors that detect and track the location of each item as it moves through the system.

1) The circular arrangement of the conveyor belts allows for items to be transported in any direction, making it easy to adapt the system to meet changing production needs.

2) The system can sort a wide variety of products, ranging from small packages to large items like tires, furniture, and electronics.

3)  The system can sort up to 14,000 items per hour, making it ideal for high-volume operations like e-commerce fulfillment centers and postal sorting facilities.

4)  The system's accuracy is typically high, with error rates as low as 0.01%.

product parameters

Number of slots  180(Can be cutomized)
Grid Width 750mm
Grid Type Landslide(customizable chute)
Number Of Cars Customized According to needs
Supply Table Speed  21600 single/hour (12 people in two zones for package)
Package size(Minimum) L100mm x W100mm x H10mm

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