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Centering Roller Device

A centering roller device is a type of material handling equipment used to align and position products on a conveyor belt or other material handling system.
Product Description

Product description

It typically consists of one or more sets of rollers that are mounted at an angle to the main direction of the conveyor belt, allowing products to be gradually shifted towards the center of the belt. This ensures that products are properly aligned for downstream processing, such as packaging or sorting. The rollers in a centering roller device may be powered or unpowered depending on the specific application. Centering roller devices are commonly used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and distribution where precise product positioning is critical.

1)  Improves product alignment: The centering roller device helps to improve the alignment of products on a conveyor belt, which is especially

 important for downstream processing such as packaging or sorting.

2)  Increases productivity: By ensuring that products are properly aligned, the centering roller device can increase productivity by reducing the need for manual adjustments and preventing jams or other issues that can slow down the material handling process.

3)  Reduces errors: When products are properly aligned, it reduces the likelihood of errors such as mislabeling or mispackaging, which can be costly to correct.

4)  Customizable: Depending on the specific application, centering roller devices can be customized with different roller sizes, angles, and materials to meet the unique needs of a given operation.

product parameters

Centering Heads Two(2) 48 wide x 1/2 Steal Head Weldments mounted to 4
Drive 1 HP totally enclosed industrial rated 1750 rpm Motor
Optional Feature Full height (48")Backstop mounted to Articulating Head for load stability

Head spead is a constant 45 fpm

Preassembly Unit is wired and (if applicable) plumbed to a junction box at the factory.
Conveyor Height 12" TOR minimum with Leg and Device Extensions available for other heights.


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