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  • Express Five-Face Scanning DWS
    The device captures dynamic data from the weighing and barcode scanning sections through an integrated software system, while the volume measurement is obtained using structured light technology. It can be connected to a barcode system and saves weight data for each barcode and uploads it to an ERP order system.
  • High-Speed Information Acquisition Instrument
    OCR character recognition, fast and accurate according to the express surface of the digital information code reader. It can identify the recipient and sender's name, telephone number for express unsorted center, identification of bar code, three segments code, address (province, city, county and town).
  • Dimension Scanning Sorting System For Luggage Transport
    Our scanning system is a product designed with modularization, which can help enterprises solve operations such as barcode recognition and inventory-in upon receiving.
  • Dimenion weight scan machine
    The DWS system of scanning scale automatic scanner adopts the technology of laser scanning, dynamic belt weigher and industrial code reading to realize the requirements of weighing, measuring and code reading. It is a dynamic weighing/volumetric measurement/barcode scanning/cargo information processing fully automated system.
  • Z type sorting system with DWS
    Z-type sorting machine is especially suitable for multi-port sorting scenarios, including express delivery, e-commerce, and other related applications. The weighing and scanning code functions used for express small parcels integrate automatic scanning, photo-taking, weighing, and piece counting features, along with the ability to automatically enter data into e-commerce, express delivery, and logistics management systems.
  • Four Ways Compartments Sorting Machine
    The product adds two additional compartments to the sorting machine. It is used for small parcels in express delivery centers and supports weighing and scanning.
  • DWS Sorting Machine
    The DWS Information Collection Management System stands for D-dimension, W-weight, and S-scanning. It is utilized in the logistics and e-commerce freight industries for measuring package volumes, scanning barcodes, and conducting integrated weighing operations. This one-stop intelligent equipment is widely used for cargo package volume, weighing, scanning codes, and more.
  • Large-scale Dimension Weight Scanning Integrated Machine
    Large-scale Dimension Weight Scanning Integrated Machine can bring significant benefits for logistics and shipping companies, resulting in improved accuracy, efficiency, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.
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