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LET 2023 International Logistics Equipment Exhibition China (Guangzhou)

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Our company participated in the 2023 China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition, this highly anticipated exhibition covers a wide range of topics, including automation, digitalization, intelligence, and flexibility. It presents a valuable opportunity for our company to showcase our latest logistics technology and expertise. Our exhibition features two innovative products: a DWS system (weigh-scan-measure) and a narrow-band sorter. The DWS system integrates weighing, scanning and volume measurement functions, providing accurate weight and volume measurements for improved efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations. The narrow-band sorter is cutting-edge sorting equipment using top-notch algorithms and sensors to quickly and accurately sort various goods, resulting in better warehouse efficiency and profitability. This high-level, high-quality event allowed us to showcase our latest logistics technologies and solutions to visitors and gain insights into industry hotspots and development trends. The exhibition provided a platform for us to absorb valuable feedback from customers and peers, continuously improving our products and services.

        The DWS and narrowband sorter were the stars of the exhibition, with their technical features and application advantages displayed in a clear and concise manner. Many industry professionals and customers have expressed significant interest in both products, asking questions and seeking advice on their functions and performance.

        Our booth was lively with enthusiasm, innovation and professionalism, with extensive exchanges with customers from all over the world discussing the future development and trends of the industry. We will continue to provide customers with better logistics experiences and services, and make more significant contributions to the development of the industry. Thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition!

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