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Design scheme of automatic logistics sorting machine

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1. Design goals

Generally, the total throughput of city-level sorting centers is 5w inbound and 5w outbound per day, and the sorting speed needs to reach about 7,000 pieces of express delivery per hour. The automatic sorting line can sort the express delivery within 5kg. The length and width are within 70cm*60cm, and the system can guarantee stable operation even when some parts fail. The entire sorting system adopts a modular design, and maintenance can be solved directly by replacing modules.

2. Overall design

The design of the sorting line is mainly divided into two lines: the incoming line and the outgoing line, among which the automated sorting line can reduce the cost by sharing the incoming and outgoing ports.

3. Inbound Express

The incoming trucks need to stop at the unloading area, which is generally located at the beginning of the sorting line. This stage is mainly to transfer the package from the truck to the assembly line. At present, the main optimization points of the major sorting centers at this stage are: use scalable conveyor belts to solve the problem of handling efficiency during the unloading process, and the main saving link is the manpower handling process, which will move goods -> transport goods -> unload goods on-line The shipping link in the three actions is removed to increase the amount of loading per unit time.

4. Exit scanning + weighing

Warehouse shipments are generally more standardized, most of which are e-commerce shipments, and there are not many bulk shipments, so they can directly enter the automatic sorting line operation. The outbound scanning stage is mainly to record the outbound information of the express delivery, mainly the outbound time of the package and delivery weight.

5. Cross belt subcontracting

The cross-belt subcontracting stage is the most important subcontracting stage. It mainly classifies the parcels according to the three-segment code on the parcel. The classification standard of the inbound parcel is the third of the three-segment code, and the outbound parcel is mainly three-segment code. in the first paragraph. The three-section package sub-packaging stage is the last stage of automated sorting, and it is also the most expensive part of the entire set of automated equipment.

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